Photo: Nopparat Khokthong (Shutterstock) I hate saying that “this is kind of the norm” when talking about a data breach, but here we go again. A social-media management company called Socialarks recently suffered a data leak to the tune of more than 408GB of personal data for around 214 million Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts worldwide. That’s around 318 million individual records, says researchers from Safety Detectives , who published a comprehensive write-up of the breach. The good news, if there’s any to be had from a massive data breach like this, is that your passwords are safe, and any financial information tied to your accounts is also safe. That’s because the Socialarks only built its now-leaked database by scraping public information across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn—a practice that these companies tend to frown upon . In effect, the only information that was leaked was information that you, an ardent user of social media, are allowing anyone to see anyway. But that doesn’t make it better, or even excusable; if anything, it should be a great reminder that maybe it’s time to prune what you share freely with the entire world, since there are plenty of companies more than willing to take advantage of that information to build profiles about you. In Socialarks’ case, information the company stored from various Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn users included: Your full name Phone numbers and email addressees Usernames Profile pictures Like/Follower counts Job title Connected social media account names (on LinkedIn) More […]