Photo: Linksys I love CES time—that’s short for the Consumer Electronics Show—because that’s when we’re all kinds of outlandish devices that are fun to get excited about, but nothing you should add to your shopping list right now. And that’s especially true in the wide world of wireless networking. Linksys unveiled the AXE8400 tri-band router at this year’s show, and it’s a bit of an eye-opener three different ways. First, it’s a 4X4 MU-MIMO router that supports Wifi 6E, the latest and greatest standard found in exactly zero devices you can buy right now. In other words, the AXE8400 is yet another “future-proofed” router geared for early adopters, or will be once it arrives in the spring or summer of this year. Second, it costs a whopping $450 for one router, and it’s really designed to be used in a mesh setup. Linksys, to its credit, gives you a deal on a two-pack—it’s $850 for a pair of AXE8400 routers. But you’ll still be paying more for your routers than you would a new Mac Mini. Finally, the router comes with built-in motion-sensing . Linksys bills this as a useful whole-home security feature and part of its separate “ Linksys Aware ,” service, which will run you $3/month or $25/year. Yes, that’s right: You router now comes with a subscription service, because hashtag revenue, but it’ll only notify you if it detects motion in your home. It won’t connect to any other smarthome system—not even your smartlights. However you […]