In the face of so much uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s tempting to search for answers that might help you regain some sense of control over your life. You might, for instance, find yourself reading the advice of self-appointed health “experts” and social media gurus, who love to make overblown and often blatantly inaccurate claims about using diet to avoid getting seriously ill from the novel coronavirus and spreading it to other people. Their arguments can be summed up like this: A population full of strong bodies would effectively stanch the pandemic’s spread and hasten our return to normalcy. Also, eating the right food and fortifying one’s immune system (through vitamins, etc.) is enough to personally inoculate oneself from the worst effects of COVID-19. As science, it’s garbage. Worse, emphasizing healthy eating above all else is a way of casting doubt on the necessity of masks, social distancing and, on occasion, the efficacy of vaccines. This focus on diet is shared by alternative-health gurus, medical quacks, social media grifters, and at least one celebrity chef and former presidential candidate. These people often don’t deny Covid’s existence, or even its virulence. But they often imply that the climate of fear surrounding the pandemic is overblown and that mainstream authorities have deliberately ignored the issue of diet in their safety messaging. The true pandemic, they say, is America’s longstanding preponderance of diet-related disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity. Perhaps you’ve seen these ideas echoed by friends […]