Where the winter weather is warm, you’ll find kids at RV parks this year. Image: Campland on the Bay. Year-Round Kid-Friendly RV Parks Welcome Families

In the past, kid-friendly RV parks were mainly open for business between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But not anymore. The coronavirus pandemic obliterated the traditional school year. Today, many RVing families with young children are on the road year-round. But are they finding just as many year-round kid-friendly RV parks along the way? The answer depends on who you ask. The Never-ending RVing Summer

The RV industry was turned on its head when COVID-19 changed the world. Families desperate for a summer getaway decided to try RVing in early summer and many of them are sticking with it long into the school year. Improved campground Internet access is allowing mom and dad to work from home and kids can keep getting educated online.

In winter 2020 and beyond, RV parks and campgrounds will continue seeing record numbers of campers in every season. At least, where the weather is mild enough to camp. But as any full-time parents on the road with kids can tell you, some campgrounds lay out the welcome mat for parents and their young children—and some not so much.

“We are currently near KCMO and the park we are at is super kid friendly they do activities every weekend for kids in the summer till end of October,” says Jas Kaiser. In the Facebook group Full-time RV Families, she says “Every place […]