Special to The Columbus Dispatch Jesse Lenz starts his days with the owls. The photographer — whose photo book that came out last month, “The Locusts,” documents the life of his family in the countryside around their Wooster home — recently discovered great horned owls who appear to be getting ready to nest nearby, and he checks in with them in the morning, photographing them in the trees. Lenz, 32, has lived in Ohio for four years now. He and his wife and four kids — two more are due in February — bought a house built by his wife’s parents, where he followed his kids around, taking pictures of them as they explored their new territory. Gradually, the place started revealing its beauty to him, as well, and he got to know up close and over extended periods of time some of the birds and animals who made their home there. His photos reflect the intersection of the human and the natural: His kids, wearing Halloween costumes, head into the stubble of a shorn cornfield. A heron hides in a clearing close to a suburban lawn. Lenz’s son, seemingly baffled, gazes at a dead raccoon. At first, Ohio was a hard sell for Lenz. Born in Montana, he traveled around the world as a kid with his missionary parents and studied graphic design at West Liberty University in West Virginia before working as a magazine illustrator for several years. For a year or so before settling here, he […]