Cavan Images/Getty Images Holiday decorating isn’t limited to those in stationary houses. With limited storage space, living in a van, RV, or bus often means adopting a minimalistic lifestyle. That lifestyle doesn’t stop during the holidays. Instead, people living in tiny homes on wheels often search for simple, small ways to add holiday spirit inside their homes. From foraging in nature to hunting in thrift stores, four families shared with Insider their strategies for decorating small spaces. When Will and Kristin Watson, their daughter Roam, and their dog Rush moved into their 180-foot bus , it meant downsizing. “When we moved on to the bus we got rid of all our holiday decorations,” the couple, who nicknamed their bus Juan , told Insider. And they’re not the only dwellers of tiny home on wheels to do so. As more people consider a minimalistic lifestyle and living on the road , the holidays look a little different. Here’s how four families living in vans, buses, and RVs use their precious space to create holiday cheer. Living in a tiny space means less stuff, and that same logic applies to holiday decorations. There’s no lawn for Christmas-themed inflatables or living space for a seven-foot Christmas tree. The people Insider spoke with often shared foregoing “typical” decorations — like stockings or sentimental ornaments — and opting for things that they can part with at the end of each season. “We feel it’s important to keep the atmosphere calm and cozy without over-doing […]