Found a crack in the ol’ windshield of my windsport today. Progressive, which charges me an arm and a leg for insurance, tells me its covered with a $500 deductible. Still waiting on the estimate out of pocket, but guessing it’s going to be $1500-$2500. I just finished my second year of the policy. We had a small claim in the first year when I made a mistake and thought I could go just one more block to a better spot to put chains on, did a little damage to another car unfortunately (PUT YOUR CHAINS ON ASAP DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE PLEASE). My point in bringing that up is only that they jacked up my rates quite a bit after that. Wondering if we do the glass through insurance whether they will jack my rates up again. Does anyone have any experience with this? I understand why they would jack my rates when I hit someone being stupid, can’t blame them for that, but will they raise the rates for a windshield repair? What if they replace the windshield a few times? Seems like at $3k+ per year for insurance a windshield repair might be built into the price. Was told “we won’t know how it will affect rates until it comes time for renewal…” and that’s not for another year. So I think it makes sense to just do it through insurance unless the estimate comes back under like $1200, and then if they want to […]