RVers enjoying an RV site. Will a vaccination card be required to get a site soon? Will RV Parks Start Requiring Proof Of Vaccination? As COVID-19 continues to surge and the vaccine makes its way into more arms everyday, COVID vaccine recipients are leaving vaccination centers with a reminder card for their second dose and charged to hang on to this card , it’s your “proof of vaccination”. Healthline.com notes several reasons why your proof of vaccination card is important, and mobile app or “digital passports” are already being discussed. As WebMD.com states, “Americans who get vaccinated against COVID-19, and use a digital health “passport” to prove it, may have an easier time traveling this year and being admitted to things like concerts, sporting events, and museums.” RV owners have often been required to show proof of vaccination…for their pets. Keeping a copy of your dog’s vaccination records on hand is not new for the 58% of RVers that travel with a canine friend. But what about proof, digital or otherwise, of a COVID vaccination for yourself and your traveling partners? Is the RVing community ready to accept this requirement to get into an RV park or resort? What about a state park, national forest, or national park campground ? Travel sites like Travel Pulse are already discussing whether COVID-19 Vaccines Will Be Required to Fly in 2021 . Will RV campgrounds follow suit? Will RV park owners see this as a point of liability ? Will they be […]