Why You Should Get a Dashboard Camera for Your RV It can be fun to hit the road as soon as you pick up your new RV, and honestly, as long as you have the most basic necessities, that is just fine. That said, there are some upgrades you will want to make at some point soon after the purchase of your motorhome. These include things like a better shower head, back-up cameras, tire pressure monitoring systems, and a dashboard camera. Yes, you read that right: We highly recommend installing a dashboard camera in your RV. These little electronics are actually pretty commonplace in other countries, and there’s a good reason why. They are incredibly useful. Not sold on the idea? Read on to learn why you need a dashboard camera in your RV, what to look for in such a device, and which ones we think are best. Image source: Motokoka What is a Dashboard Camera? Before we go any further, let’s discuss what exactly a dashboard camera is. As you might have guessed, this nifty device is a camera that mounts to your dashboard (or to your windshield) facing out. It can then be used to capture footage of your surroundings as you drive down the road. These cameras record automatically and continuously, recording footage in segments that are 2–10 minutes long and recording over the oldest footage as it runs out of space. Many dash cams can sense when an accident has occurred and will lock […]