2020 was, of course, a strange year for travel. It was disappointing for a lot of people. Many travelers who had cruises planned, or plane tickets, or hotel reservations found themselves having to cancel their trips and postpone vacations. RVing is here to stay However, it was a booming year for RV travel. RVing proved to be a safe way to continue to explore and to visit loved ones without coming into contact with a lot of people as you might in an airport or hotel. With schools and workplaces going virtual, many people also took the chance to work from the road or roadschool their kids while seeing the sights across the country. In fact, our own research showed that 80% of the people who booked RVs and trailers through RVshare in 2020 were new to our site that year! A lot of people who discovered the joys of RVing in 2020 will continue exploring in 2021. Many people are still cautious as they travel, and a lot of people say they’re hesitant to fly. Many people have also said that visiting family and friends in 2021 is very important to them, and RVing is a great way to travel to those you love without a lot of exposure to others. Finally, many people purchased RVs in 2020 or made sweeping lifestyle changes so that they now live in their motorhomes full-time. Those people are going to continue to travel this year as well! Where people are traveling […]