Imagine the picture-perfect marketing coup of an enthusiastic businessman pitching sloppers and the heartwarming kindness that epitomizes Pueblo on a national television show. It could turn out to be priceless primetime exposure for Pueblo, and all of it is free. That’s just what happened when Undercover Billionaire aired on The Discovery Channel Wednesday and the nation got a glimpse of Ryan Zabukovic. Zabukovic, owner of Zabukovic Motors, 701 E. Spaulding Ave. in Pueblo West, unknowingly showed he’s a one-man chamber of commerce. Zabukovic is the first person that undercover billionaire Grant Cardone encounters here. Cardone, operating under the assumed name of Louis Curtis, is given the challenge of being dropped off in Pueblo with just $100 and the goal of starting a $1 million business within 90 days. This season the show features three billionaires all trying to prove that they have the tools to make something out of nearly nothing. Cardone, wanting to save as much money as possible, visits Zabukovic’s RV business and asks if he can do some work in exchange for a place to crash. To explain the cameras, he tells Zabukovic he’s part of a documentary about Pueblo. “I had no clue,” Zabukovic said. “The first thing they come in and say is, ‘We’re doing a documentary of Pueblo,’ and they talked about how Pueblo has had a bad rap and they are trying to set a spark here and kind of show the good in Pueblo and these five or six other cities […]