Michelle Fishburne is driving her RV all over the nation to capture people’s stories on how they’ve coped with the pandemic as part of her “Who We Are Now” project. Drive, interview, sleep, repeat. For the last six months, Michelle Fishburne of Chapel Hill has turned those four words from a life-changing plan, to a daily routine, and then to a passion. Thousands of miles and more than 150 interviews later, Fishburne is getting ready to hit the road again. This time her destination is San Diego. The trip to California is the next leg of Fishburne’s “Who We Are Now” project that connects her with people across the country to document their experiences with COVID-19. She has been living in her 2006 Fleetwood Jamboree since the end of July, which she said is comfortable and easy to drive. She spoke with the News of Orange County just before she left Chapel Hill. News of Orange County: How did the idea of this project originate? Michelle Fishburne: In the middle of July, I was without a job, notwithstanding submitting 85 customized cover letters. The lease on my house was going to be up on July 31. Since I didn’t know where I was going to work, it didn’t make any sense to move all my stuff to an apartment or a house. I sat in a Target parking lot and said to myself, ‘where am I going to tell the movers to move my stuff in two weeks?’ I […]