Illustration: Andrew Rybalko (Shutterstock) If only the holidays could last throughout the winter months—the twinkling lights and Christmas cookies make the cold and dark so much more bearable. For this reason, I once kept my tree up until March—I know, I know. I’m the first to admit that that was a terrible idea. But when is the best time to take down your tree? Natural trees last about four weeks Freshly cut trees can last about four to five weeks if taken care of properly. If you purchased your tree precut, your tree might last for the shorter end of that range. A freshly cut tree may last longer than five weeks with adequate watering . Dry trees can easily catch on fire and spread throughout your home, so it’s crucial to take down your tree before it dries up. If watering your Christmas tree has not been at the top of your list, be sure to take the tree down within four weeks of putting it up. Celebrate New Year’s Eve by taking your tree down If you have a faux tree, drying out is, of course, not a concern. So choosing a date depends on other factors. Some people believe that leaving your tree up after the new year is bad luck . Take down your tree on December 31st before midnight, to avoid bringing misfortune from the old year into the new. (If you believe in that sort of thing.) Take your tree down on Three […]