What’s the Deal with Long Term RV Parks?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time, part-time, or some-time RVer. You can be retired, traveling with money saved, or working full-time. You may be a single traveler or traveling with family.

Regardless, most people who travel in an RV generally love the open road and the adventures that traveling in an RV brings them.

So, what’s the deal with long term RV parks? And why would anyone want to stay long term in an RV park?

These type of RV parks often get a bad rap. Today we’ll see if it’s deserved or not.

Let’s dive in! What Is a Long Term RV Park?

And what exactly is a long term RV park ? Days, weeks, months, more? Generally, when RVers talk about the ‘long term’, the minimum would be a month.But did you know you could also stay in an RV park for a season or even an entire year (or more)? Types of Long-Term RV Parking Monthly: To really get to know a place, and not just be a complete tourist, one should stay longer than a few days. Now, if you have many places to go and very limited time, then staying in a long term RV park for a month will not match your travel goals.However, if you have time, love breweries and mountain biking for example, and you happen to be in an area where all of the above exist right outside your door. This way […]