Photo: Ella Don (Unsplash) Earlier this year, my neighbors and I all had some weird quarantine-induced scheme where we decided we would all gift each other gaming chairs. The idea was that we’d all be in lockdown working from home, so we might as well upgrade our chairs with some lumbar support. We kept describing this as a “Gift of the Magi” scenario, though I’m not sure we fully understood what that would entail (none of us planned to sell our PCs to fund the endeavor). Unfortunately, my neighbors entirely chickened out on the plan and now I’m the only one of us that actually has a gaming chair. I don’t know if there’s a moral here, but I’m reclining as I write this. With that little parable in mind, I wanted to ask our readers what you think the best all-around gaming chair is. Previously we asked about the best heavy-duty ones, but everything is on the table (or at the table, I suppose) this time around. I personally ended up with a GTRacing chair , which is a popular budget option for those who just need racing stripes to prove they game, but there’s plenty of other options out there too. You’ve a lot to consider here compared to your standard chair. Obviously, comfort is the main thing we’re looking for. A good gaming chair needs proper support to keep you from turning into a goblin during an 8-hour binge. After that, we can get to the […]