Photo: mcjeff (Shutterstock) At long last, Congress is set to pass a second COVID relief bill totaling over $900 billion in funding—and it will include the surprise addition of $600 direct payments to qualifying individuals. The bill also extends unemployment benefits and an eviction moratorium that would have expired before the end of the year. Here are all the details on what to expect. What’s in the relief package? The relief bill has been a long time coming. Negotiations were held up for weeks as lawmakers debated COVID-related liability protection for businesses, which Democrats oppose, and additional state and local funding, which Republicans oppose. These contentious measures were split into a separate bill that legislators have kicked down the road into January, when President-elect Joe Biden is expected to propose additional relief legislation (in a statement, Biden referred to the $900 billion plan as “just the beginning”). With those items out of the way, the relief package looks like it will pass in the next few days. The text of the bill is not yet available, but the package is expected to include: Stimulus checks The package will include direct stimulus payments of $600 to individuals, plus $600 for each dependent (the earlier stimulus package, the CARES Act, provided $1,200 and $500 payments, respectively). The former payments will be based on individual gross income from 2019, and the payout out will be reduced if an individual’s income exceeds $75,000, and eliminated once it surpasses $87,000 (so individuals making $87,000 […]