Screenshot: Disney/Pixar ( (Fair Use) Come Christmas day, we will officially be two Pixar films deep into quarantine.

Way back in March, right before the pandemic made the idea of going to see a movie in the theater as laughable and ill-advised as trying to have a reasonable discussion about politics with your in-laws, Disney released Pixar’s Onward , a very cute movie about two elf brothers on a quest through a modern, monster-filled world in search of a way to bring their dead dad back to life, if only for a day. It underperformed at the box office, which will happen when all the box offices are closed, but served as a nice treat when Disney decided to drop it onto its Disney+ streaming service a few short months later .

With disease levels spiking and theaters still closed, the Mouse has made the no-doubt painful decision to drop its big winter animated release, Pixar’s Soul , straight to Disney+, forgoing theaters (and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue) entirely. It’s hard to be too happy about the circumstances—but on the other hand, maybe now is exactly the time for a movie with this message.

Soul (premiering Dec. 25) stars Jaimie Foxx as a talented musician who dies suddenly and accidentally winds up not in the afterlife, but in the before life—the place where souls hang out until they are born on Earth. There, he has to convince a reluctant soul that its life-to-come will be worth the struggle. […]