Photo: udra11 (Shutterstock) In the latest of the Chronicles of Things We Have to Do Virtually This Year, it’s now time to figure out how to give a gift to our kids’ teachers while still in the midst of a pandemic that has children largely learning from home. Asking a teacher for their home address is not a thing I am comfortable doing, and most of the teachers I talked to in the course of writing this piece said sometimes they’re comfortable giving their address to families—but sometimes they’re not. So I can’t recommend putting a teacher on the spot like that, even if it’s because you want to send them a lovely gift. There are a couple of other options for getting a physical gift to your teacher right now. You could ask to meet them in a neutral location, such as the school parking lot, or have their gift sent directly to the school itself and let them know it’s there. But that means they have to make a separate trip to pick it up or meet up with you. If everyone in their class did that, it would mean 20+ extra trips around town, and that’s a burden we shouldn’t impose on them either. So here are a few other ideas. Gift cards An emailed gift card might be the most obvious option—but that’s also because it’s one of the best options. Teachers may not want students showing up at their front door, but they won’t […]