Super C Motorhome RVs are Class C RVs built on a semi-truck chassis. They offer a great choice for campers who want the luxury of a Class A motorhome with the ease of driving the truck-like Class C. If you are a fan of the Class C style and are looking for some more power and size on the road, a Super C may be right for you. What makes these RVs stand out from the typical Class C is the chassis they are built on are for semi-trucks or a super charged truck chassis like an F-550, depending on the size of the RV. Most Class Cs are built on an F-450 chassis or a similar sized chassis depending on the brand. The Super C engines are built in the front, which makes maintenance and repairs more convenient. Some models even come as a six-speed, making the driving experience even more fun for some, and all come with a turbo engine, usually diesel. They also have a higher towing capacity than regular Class Cs, which makes towing four-wheelers, golf carts, motorcycles or any other toys that you may want to bring along easier than ever before. Dynamax Super Class C Brands There are different brands and manufacturers for this type of RV, but at Campers Inn RV, we carry the following: MSRP starting at $340,830 The DX3 motorhome has a diesel engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. It comes in a range of lengths from 36-feet, 8-inches to […]