On December 16, 2020, Camping World made a huge announcement at a press conference in Ohio. They announced a new partnership and an upcoming product that will shake up RVing as we know it: Class E RVs. This is big news – nothing like this has been announced before. So, what exactly is a Class E RV? We’ve got the scoop on the RVs and Camping World’s new partnership here. Let’s dive in: What is a Class E RV? Be on the lookout for the latest development in RVing: electrified RVs and travel trailers. A Class E RV is a new concept by Camping World and Lordstown Motors. The E in Class E stands for… you guessed it: electric. The Class E RV will be an all electric van type motorhome based on Lordstown Motors electric Endurance pickup truck. While there hasn’t been an official announcement, these RVs are expected to be similar to the Class B RVs built with Sprinter or Promaster vans. There aren’t concrete projections for the Class E motorhome. But, what you can expect to see soon are electrified travel trailers. Instead of traditional onboard gasoline generators, these electrified travel trailers and fifth wheels will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack when hookups are unavailable. Who is Lordstown Motors? Lordstown Motors is an Ohio-Based EV (electric vehicle) startup. This company produces electric work pickup trucks to “revolutionize the way work gets done”. Lordstown’s Endurance is the world’s first all electric commercial pickup truck. Endurance […]