Over the course of 96 hours last week, my new RV sprung a roof leak, my son fell off a campground playground breaking his arm and my brand new 2020 Ram 1500 truck was hit while it was parked in my campsite. By the time I got home, my opinion of the trip was “I can’t wait to go camping again”. What exactly happened and what did I learn from my chaotic week? Let’s dive in. Relishing the cautionary tales of being an RV newbie Since the beginning of May, I’ve been head down and in the weeds with studying everything I can about recreational vehicles and towing . Regardless of what I’ve studied and prepared for, a continuous voice from the larger RV community has always cautioned that there will be hurdles and setbacks. RVs are complicated machines that equate to houses on wheels. They contain almost every system a typical home does, and it moves at 60 mph+ down the road. Things are bound to go wrong despite your best efforts and just such an occasion happened to me on Day One of our trip. I took my 4 and 6-year old by myself from our home in Georgia to the Tennessee mountains of Pigeon Forge to give mom a couple of days by herself to relax and regroup from homeschooling and being around the kids 24/7 since March. My thought was I could work while the kids played at the different amenities the campground I had […]