Illustration: Ellis van der Does If someone asked me what the most embarrassing moment of my life has been, I’d tell them it wasn’t a singular moment — it was an entire weeklong event. A festival of shame, if you will. It was the time my mom took me to Burning Man. This upsetting situation occurred back in 2010. I was15, about to be a junior in high school. For the most part, I still felt like a person on the outside looking in: My circle of friends was near non-existent, my self-confidence was low, and my undiagnosed depression was at an all-time high. I felt extremely isolated and misunderstood. But, good news! Soon I wouldn’t be, because my mom asked me if I wanted to join her and my uncle at “The Burn” that summer. I was curious about the experience; surely I would have some sort of epiphany and would never feel sad or lonely ever again. Or so I thought. Sign up for The Bold Italic newsletter to get the best of the Bay Area in your inbox every week. As you can imagine, it takes a pretty eccentric family to allow their teenage daughter to go to a festival where most people are either naked or on drugs or both. Legally, I wasn’t even old enough to go to an R-rated movie. But my parents — who I love dearly — not only trusted me but taught me how to feel comfortable around people who […]