Those who have been reading my battles with mice know that just when I think I have won, the little buggers fool me and return to haunt the cabinets and kitchen. We had already sealed the holes around wires with foam and steel wool. Steel wool under the gas pedal, electronic rodent deterrents, rope lights, Irish Spring soap, Bounce fabric sheets scattered everywhere and mint oil on cotton balls. I had cut toilet plungers and stuck them around the sewer hose opening in the water bay. After several months in Minnesota and no mice, I was satisfied they were defeated. Then we moved and settled in our new Arizona winter spot in the mountainous desert and they found us again! The first sign was an acorn on the bathroom floor. There are no oak trees or acorns anywhere around us. It had to have come with us from Minnesota or Wisconsin in our storage bays. “Honey, look. It is an acorn. We have a mouse.” “No, we don’t have mice,” says my husband. He is in constant denial about mice so it is my battle to take up. I do draw the line at emptying the traps though. My husband can empty the “we don’t have any mice” traps. In the meantime, our neighbors were dealing with mice. I gently, at least I hoped it was gently, let them know that feeding the birds attracts the mice and the mice attract the RATTLESNAKES! I related this story to them: […]