Image: Unsplash, Graphic: Gabe Carey Because I’ve been stuck at home for longer than I could have ever anticipated, and with no end in sight, this morning I made the chaotic decision to buy two new pairs of slippers, one our own Ignacia introduced me to on Slack clearly inspired by Yeezy Boosts and another requiring my foot to go up Kirby’s ass . But, of course, as an overnight slipperhead, I can’t stop at two pairs. How’s that saying go? You mustn’t go big, lest you go home. When you’re shopping for slippers online, however, there’s a lot of fast food -quality garbage to sort through before you can find the onion of your dreams . You could slip on a set of PSL-sippin’ UGGs and call it a day. Another obvious choice is to hold your nose and step into these comfy-looking Crocs , but without the option to bedazzle them with Jibbitz , are they even really Crocs? Our own Jordan McMahon went out of his way to defend the perforated foam shoe last summer, and while he put up a convincing argument, I still reject the notion you can still call them Crocs if I can’t catch a glimpse of your disgusting toes. And as a runner struggling off and on with plantar fasciitis, I need to make sure I’m winding down after a long day in cushioning that bolsters my bones, rather than exacerbating my chronic pain. Sure, given what I just said, impulse-buying […]