Photo: Dhru J (Unsplash) Here’s a weird confession: Despite having made the jump from laptop to full PC years ago, I still don’t have computer speakers. For some reason, the thought never even crossed my mind. I figured I’d just always use a big pair of headphones while gaming or working. Now, about five years later, I’m feeling like a fool. As my entire life now revolves around my PC, it feels genuinely silly to constantly strap a pair of cans on my head to do anything. Want to casually turn on a game trailer? Better strap on my headphones! Want to listen to music? Let me connect some wireless earbuds! Want to play a video game? Prepare to have your head squeezed for hours on end! I feel like a change is long overdue. So today, I come to you dear readers to ask: What are the best computer speakers? I’ll give you some context on my own PC habits, if you’re not sure where to begin recommending speakers. First and foremost, I’m a gamer (sorry). Primarily, that’s where speakers are going to come in handy for me. I want something that’s going to replace my nice headset when I’m playing single-player games without losing quality. But on top of that, I’m a big music listener, a podcaster, and a video editor. So while gaming is a big part of my day, I need speakers that work for a pretty wide range of situations. Ideally, a perfect pair […]