It’s embarrassing to admit but in years past I was a shut-in. For 16 years I never went out to explore or travel around. Last year I finally overcame some issues and was able to move into a city. I’ve got myself a good place here but the rent is pretty high, and honestly I am going a bit crazy with all the concrete and houses. I’m a nature nut and need to get around trees and water and quiet for my work to become a little easier. Eventually my goal is to live on a boat so I can explore even further, but as a step in between I thought an RV type vehicle would be a good way to transition. It’s a smaller cramped space so I’ll get used to that ahead of being on a boat, and it would enable me to move around to different communities to explore a bit and figure out where I might want to live. My plan is to move to a different community every 2-3 months to allow me to get a good feel for what the area is like. At the end of the year I can sell whatever I buy and recoup the majority of what I will have paid. Right now I’m considering a 2006 Forever River Wildwood T23. It’s a 23′ travel trailer with kitchen and full bathroom. I’ve read Forest River is a good brand, but honestly I know nothing about this kind of thing. […]