My favorite part of the holiday season, next to family time and watching every Hallmark movie ever created, is the food. My mom and grandma make homemade kremas (think eggnog, but Haitian and much better) and my sisters and I eat dozens of Christmas cookies, while my dad judges us all for forcing our dogs into Christmas sweaters despite living in Miami. Not to mention, there’s lots of GBBO to be watched. (#teamnadiyaforever) Obviously the pandemic has thrown traditional holiday plans out of whack for many people, and that’s why Lily Nguyen (our head of video) and I hatched a plan for a virtual recipe exchange as a way to bolster festive cheer around the company. And thanks to all of our incredible participants from across the G/O Media sites— Lifehacker’s Claire Lower , Kotaku’s Riley MacLeod , The Root’s Felice León , Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford , Earther’s Dharna Noor , Jezebel’s Emily Alford , and Jalopnik’s Raphael Orlove —we found our own special way to make this socially distant holiday season more enjoyable. Watch the video above and have a few laughs as some of your favorite journalists cook/bake some really great recipes, from latkes, to cornbread casserole, to vegan butternut squash soup. And once we’ve made you hungry, check out the full recipes suggested below. Special thanks to the random English gentleman for providing the wonderful voiceover. Adapted from Richa Hingle-Garg Ingredients 1 tsp oil 1/2 cup (80 g) onion 1 bay leaf 1 clove optional 1/2 […]