Look, it’s no iPad—but if you want a solid, cost-effective tablet for basic entertainment needs, there’s no better bargain than Amazon’s Fire tablets. And right now, they’re even cheaper. Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet is a good option. It has a modest 8-inch 1280×800 screen with just enough power to handle apps, games, and media, plus a hearty 12-hour battery. It’s marked down to just $60 right now with special offers (ads) on the lock screen, or $75 without—a savings of $30 with either version. You can pay an extra $20 to get the Fire HD 8 Plus , which has smoother performance, wireless charging, and faster wired charging. Or, if you’re really looking for something cheap, you can get the lower-end Fire 7 tablet for a mere $40 right now. If you’re spending a lot of time on the road these days, whether it’s a commute or simply an escape from the (necessary, but punishing) tedium of being stuck at home during the pandemic, then it might be handy to bring a car charger along for the ride. Aukey’s compact 30W car charger plugs right into your lighter port, adding a pair of USB-C ports to deliver power to smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops. It’ll work just fine with iPhones and Android phones alike, which is great for keeping your phone charged while putting it to work for turn-by-turn directions, music, and more. It’s marked down to just under $12 right now at Amazon when you clip […]