Photo: Apple Your watch is designed to live on your wrist, so you shouldn’t have to baby it—every scratch, ding, and splash of water should be a reminder of the baller life you lead. (Okay, most of my dings come from smacking it against the door, but I can pretend.) And while electronics and water usually don’t mix, today’s best smart watches come with water resistance to keep them protected from the elements. Note that I just said “water resistant”—not waterproof. Despite what you may have heard, there is no such thing as a waterproof smart watch, and any product that markets itself as such is lying to you. In fact, device makers have even been sued for doing so in the past. I, on the other hand, am not here to lie to you. Yes, I put “waterproof” in the headline, because that’s what most people are out there googling—and I’m hoping those people will come here, where I can bait and switch them into the real truth. Manufacturers may try to toe the line with words like “swimproof,” but ultimately, your device is not waterproof: it only has a certain degree of water resistance, which can make it useable for activities like washing your hands, showering, and even swimming workouts in some cases. More importantly, that water resistance doesn’t last forever. As your device ages (and the more you expose it to water with salt chlorine, or other impurities), the water-resistant seals will begin to break down, […]