we have a used 2004 coachmen 30′ freelander, a class c rig that we bought a couple of weeks ago. there’s water dripping from above the driver’s (or if tilted the other way, the passenger’s) head, dripping on a knee or two. on the driver’s side, this occasionally drips on the cruise control on/off buttons on the steering wheel. looks like the headliner (or what’s left of it on a cutaway chassis at least) has pulled away from just above the windshield, and there’s water collecting inside it. with just the right tilt on a curve or so, this water seeps out from the end of this headliner (i really don’t know what this little vinyl soft thing is called though) and drips out. i also think this happens more often when braking and turning. the cabover bunk interior is thoroughly dry; there’s some repair jobs on the outside (bottom left and right of the cabover) that i think haven’t been done fully correctly; there’s zero musty or moldy smells (and i have a very sensitive nose that i trust); there’s no obvious water damage this end of the rig. this might be condensation from the inside, but i highly doubt that this is indeed the case. i have run the propane-run furnace a bunch of times when parked though. the dripping happened even when driving the rig home after buying it (and PO had mostly parked it with occasional engine runs for 1.5yrs). it does appear to occur […]