Anker Nebula Solar Projector | $442 | Amazon Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector | $510 | Amazon With every Warner Bros. movie coming to HBO Max in 2021, it seems highly unlikely we’ll be returning to theaters anytime soon, at least for those of us making an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, the only thing standing between you and a theatrical movie-watching experience is the proper projector. Anker has something of a reputation for good quality hardware that doesn’t cost a fortune to buy. That doesn’t end with its Nebula projectors, two of which are currently on sale starting at $442 on Amazon. For that price, you can snag a full HD, 1080p projector with 400 ANSI lumens, and HDR10 support, along with Dolby Digital Plus sound by way of a pair of 3-watt speakers. In fact, Anker is so confident in its sound system that it’s given you the option to pair your other devices to it via Bluetooth to blast your tunes at a higher volume. Built-in is Google’s Android TV 9 smart TV software, so casual viewers will never have to worry about occupying the projector’s HDMI-out port. That said, Android TV isn’t for everyone, but you can rest assured the ability to plug in an Apple TV , Fire TV , or Roku streaming device is always there if you need it. You can also cast video content from your phone, tablet, or laptop using the integrated Chromecast functionality. The […]