Photo: DenPhotos (Shutterstock) We try to cover just about everything you can do with your iPhone, but even if you feel like you’ve mastered Apple’s smartphone, there’s always something new you can learn. To help stay vigilant about the people (and companies) that can access your device, data, and account, Apple has released a super-useful support guide that walks you through a ton of key features for your various Apple devices. It might not be the most scintillating read—unless you’re me—but it’s a document you should absolutely spend at least ten minutes glancing through, and either bookmark it or save it to your system so you can refer to it later if you ever need help locking down your device (or Apple ID). Or, worse, if you’re actually having some kind of issue with your security or privacy and need all the ammunition you can get to address it. While I strongly recommend that you skip to page 18 of Apple’s document—where Apple gets into its quick-hit security and privacy checklists—I’ve also gone through the full text of Apple’s “Device and Data Access when Personal Safety is At Risk” document and extracted all the useful tips I can find. My favorites include (emphasis mine): Keeping your Apple ID safe and secure Screenshot: David Murphy Don’t share your Apple ID password with anyone, even family members. If you share an Apple ID, you’re giving someone else access to all your personal data and your content. If someone else set up […]