Photos by Steve Stefanides When those who choose a profession which we commonly refer to as “first-responders,” such as law enforcement, EMS or firefighting, they already know the risks they will face. Those dangers and challenges are more in evidence today than ever before, and we are thankful for their service and dedication to duty. However, these men and women are also human beings, susceptible to the many maladies and illnesses that we all are exposed to, in addition to the risks they take on in their professional lives. The advances in modern day treatments and medications have been a lifesaver for so many of our family members and friends, allowing them the opportunity to live long and productive lives and continue on in their pursuit of their professions. Recently, two of our own dedicated public servants have begun to face their own set of medical challenges. In the unselfish tradition of aiding others in need, they wanted to share their stories to allow others to learn from their experiences. It is their belief that through education and a better understanding of the challenges they are facing that others might benefit. Police Chief Tracy Frazzano has been diagnosed with breast cancer, while recently retired Fire Chief Michael Murphy was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Both have begun their regimens of treatments and procedures to overcome these challenges in their personal lives. Chief Frazzano Throughout her life, Police Chief Tracy Frazzano has been presented with challenges. Academically, athletically and professionally, she […]