Once upon a time, long before wireless thermometers, the only reliable temperature measurement was with a hollow glass rod filled with mercury. As awkward and fragile as these devices were, they were the only choice. Even rough-country explorers had to use them (to measure altitude via the boiling point of water). But today, modern electronics provide not only glass-free thermometers, but remote measurement and display as well. With this technology, you can easily place both the sensor and the display wherever you like. Everything runs on long-life batteries, and installation is as simple as placing batteries in compartments and selecting the display. In RV life, there are several places where knowing the temperature is very desirable: Photo: Greg Illes Air temperature Both outside and inside, it’s nice to know what the temps are — for the sake of how to dress or whether to flip on the heat or A/C, or just to simply remark or complain. Fridge and freezer temperatures It’s truly a boon to be able to plant sensors in these appliances and monitor their performance without opening the doors and spilling out precious cold air. Plumbing spaces and water heaters When you get around to using your RV in below-freezing temperatures, you really want to know when your pipes are about to freeze so you can take preventive action. Storage bays Got something temperature-sensitive in a storage bay? Put a sensor in there so you can tell if the temp is getting out of range. Advantages […]