Standard vinyl electrical tape has been around for a long time – too long, some would say. The problem with this commonly used product is its adhesive. It doesn’t really stick very well and after awhile it starts to peel loose, leaving a gooey mess behind. But now there’s a self-fusing silicone rubber tape for weatherproof connections which works great. A better alternative Some years ago, a worthy alternative to standard vinyl electrical tape appeared – a silicone rubber tape that was self-fusing. It bonded to itself with enthusiasm and had no adhesive to age or create a mess. Furthermore, it was impervious to many chemicals, ozone and UV, which age and deteriorate lesser products. Recently, this self-vulcanizing tape has seen a surge in popularity. It’s now sold in many colors and widths, all at affordable prices (although much more expensive than its cheaper brother). Sold by everyone from Ace Hardware to Amazon , a 1″ x 12′ roll runs about $10, and 2″ x 36′ will set you back about $30. How do you use self-fusing silicone rubber tape? You apply the tape by peeling off its backing (being careful not to let it touch itself – it bonds instantly). Wrap the tape around the object to be covered and make the first wrap go over itself. Then stretch the tape in the direction you want and continue wrapping. It’s easiest to cut off a piece in advance rather than applying it from the roll. A little experience […]