Photo: tomeqs (Shutterstock) I didn’t use Windows 10’s search feature often, because I didn’t find it very useful. By default, it’s handy to look up an app in a pinch or skip to a settings window without having to navigate through a tree of options, but that’s as much as I would interact with it. So I’m willing to forego that functionality to turn it into a wildly powerful search tool for my computer. To do that, however, I’ll need a bit of help. I’ll be using the just-released EverythingToolbar project, which you can use to replace Windows 10’s conventional search bar with Voidtool’s popular “ Everything ” search utility. Screenshot: David Murphy To get started, you’ll need to download and install Everything . That should be self-explanatory. You’ll then download and install EverythingToolbar, which requires you to run a simple .CMD file with administrator access. You’ll then activate the new toolbar by right-clicking on your taskbar (likely twice), and you can then disable your standard search toolbar and drag over EverythingToolbar to replace it, as shown here: Screenshot: EverythingToolbar The one bummer with EverythingToolbar is that hitting the Windows Key pulls up your standard Start Menu, as expected, and typing anything launches Windows 10’s default search, rather than EverythingToolbar. That’s to be expected, though. (I suppose you could remap EverythingToolbar’s hotkey of Windows Key + Alt + S to the actual Windows Key if you want, but then you’d have to click on the Start Menu every time […]