Following Trump’s rabble-rousing, which led to a group of out-of-control rioters storming the United States Capitol , Twitter suspended Trump’s account for 12-hours and forced him to delete several tweets . Twitter has promised to ban Trump if he continues to incite violence. Several weeks ago, President Trump angrily ranted about Twitter (on Twitter, as usual), implying it was a threat to national security and expressing the desire to change the laws in order to shut it down . It’s unlikely that such a thing would happen, but his threats come as no surprise. Trump’s twitter fan base is shrinking. Followers are abandoning him by the thousands . In the last week alone, he’s lost 46,000 followers. On November 25 alone, he lost 10,000 followers. Twitter has confirmed that it will hand over the keys to @POTUS to Joe Biden on inauguration day, even if Donald Trump doesn’t concede the election . It’s time we reflect on the nature of democracy when a tech company has any influence in on the validity of a presidential transition. Almost as soon as he lost the election, people began speculating if he could be permanently banned . CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has confirmed that is indeed the case. After January 20, Trump will lose “world leader” status and, as a result, could be banned if he violates Twitter rules––which he almost certainly will. Before the election, Twitter locked the New York Post’s account after the publication posted totally unverified and almost-certainly […]