Screenshot: Brendan Hesse I spend a lot of my free time drawing, and a lot of my drawings happen to be of monsters. It’s a fun hobby , and comes in handy when it’s my turn to DM a tabletop roleplaying session . However, I know there are many folks out there who wish they could bring the creatures lurking in their imaginations to life, but they don’t like to draw. If that sounds like you, check out Google’s Chimera Painter web app , which uses AI to “paint” detailed monsters based on simple, color-coded doodles.

Compared to any other drawing tool out there, it’s very simple: It offers five brush sizes, an eraser tool, and a “Clear” button that erases the entire selected drawing. You can temporarily save up to four drawings while the app is open, but you are free to save your creations at any time. You can also upload images to use as references. Screenshot: Brendan Hesse As for drawing your monsters, you’ll begin by assigning a color to each body part using the left-side menu. For example, light red for the monster’s head, green for its neck, and beige for its tail, etc. When you’re ready to render your drawing, click “Transform.” The app uses machine learning to apply textures, colors, and lighting to your color-coded drawing based on the hues you chose.

Chimera Painter works in just about every browser, and all you need to use it is a mouse or your finger—though it also […]