Screenshot: David Murphy A weird bug is affecting some owners of Apples’ M1 line of Macs (laptops and desktops) that triggers the macOS screensaver to run at random times. That doesn’t sound so bad at first—who doesn’t love Flurry?—except for the even quirkier issue that once it’s turned on, an affected Mac’s screensaver can’t be turned off. You’re basically locked out of your system if you’re hit with this bug, which seems to be related to macOS’ “Fast User Switching” feature. If you’re only using one account on your MacBook, you probably won’t be affected by this bug; however, if you have multiple accounts on your Mac, you might want to take a few steps to address the issue before it locks you out of your system at an inconvenient time. For starters, if you can get away with only using one account for now, try that. I realize that’s strange advice, but if you set up a new account for a family member and they’ve never used it, for example, then maybe consider getting rid of it until Apple has addressed this issue (or said family member needs to get on the computer, finally). You can also try this trick, courtesy of a MacRumors commenter writes : I had the same problem on my mini, I tried disabling the screensaver on both users and installing Amphetamine, and it fixed the problem. I hope a fix is on the way, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one […]