Donald Trump has lost the White House, but don’t expect him to leave quietly. A former director of the CIA is worried that Trump will rile up his base and possibly drive them to violence . Even though his aides tell him the legal assaults will be useless, he intends to throw every lawsuit at the wall in the hopes that one sticks . Weirdly, Trump seems to be pretending that everything is normal. He’s tweeting that he’s won the race, and he spent Saturday golfing , like he did for most of his presidency.

Although we still don’t know who won the 2020 election, one thing is clear: it’s a close call, and our country is more divided than ever . Trump inspired almost unbelievable dedication in his supporters and zeal among his enemies. The sheer effort anti-Trumpers put into this election shows their intensity. A Harvard poll indicates that young voters’ turnout broke records this year . These younger people are largely pro-Biden, and their large numbers point to their zeal. The pro-Biden Texas Democrats pushed the vote hard, trying desperately to turn the state Blue for the first time in 44 years . One of the biggest demographic hitting the polls this year were, unsurprisingly young voters .

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