Trump told the American people that he would be working “tirelessly” for them, but instead he went golfing . While members of the G20 were meeting to discuss how to address the COVID situation, Donald Trump went golfing . As a reminder, here is a short list of people in the Trump administration with COVID. Andrew Giuliani had COVID had latest in a shockingly long list of White House officials to get the ‘rona. Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for COVID . In case that doesn’t make it abundantly clear that Trump doesn’t care about COVID and who gets it––and who might die because of it–– a whopping 130 Secret Service agents are either COVID positive or quarantining after Trump refused to quarantine (and took a victory lap from the hospital where he was recovering from COVID ). Three more people close to Donald Trump have tested positive for COVID. Two are White House aides, including the political director, and the third was a guest of Rudy Giuliani . Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, has also recently tested positive for COVID . His aides are frustrated because he did not issue a statement and only advised a close circle. That put Trump’s entire staff at risk. The White House’s COVID outbreak spread to the Vice President’s office. His chief of staff, Marc Short, tested positive for the virus. Despite Pence’s exposure, he will still travel . Stephen Miller, one of the president’s senior advisors, also got COVID […]