The electoral college decided in favor of Joe Biden, the final step in an unusually long and contentious election cycle . As a result, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has finally congratulated Joe Biden for winning the 2020 election and advised Republicans to accept his victory . Now, Donald Trump is attacking McConnell for refusing to continue the absurd charade that Trump somehow won the presidential election . All fifty states and Washington D.C. have verified their election results , and the Supreme Court has rejected a Republican bid to overturn Pennsylvania’s outcome . Joe Biden now has enough electoral college votes to secure the White House .The election is finally over, after a seemingly endless series of delay tactics by the Trump campaign. The General Services Administration has finally sent the Biden team the message that Trump will begin the transition process . Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump has surpassed six million votes, with the final ballots still coming in . Biden has already won the popular vote by ten million more votes than any other president in American history . There has been speculation that, this whole time, Donald Trump was “very aware” that he lost the election, but he allegedly put up a fight as a “performance” . Some 80% of Trump’s supporters think that Biden’s win was illegitimate . This has terribly implications for our nation. If we lose faith in our system, our system collapses. Now that Trump has no real chance, let’s […]