When a massive overlander like this EarthRoamer is completely out of reach, and the confines of an off-road camper van just won’t cut it, a mid-sized yet lightweight expedition vehicle sporting off-road capabilities and a nimble footprint with ample luxury indeed fills that void perfectly. But the options today are limited. That’s where Sparks, Nevada-based TruckHouse comes in with the launch of the BCT small truck camper. Built on the latest Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and designed to withstand the roughest trails and harshest weather, the BCT is a composite expedition vehicle that’ll serve as the ideal mobile base camp while dishing out all off-the-grid action buyers expect. And the popular Tacoma seemed to be the perfect choice as far as small pickups go , offering the right size, maneuverability, and proven longevity. But if the BCT rig is too much, this Tacoma TRD-Sport Trailer concept with rooftop tent, a 15-gallon grey water holding tank, and custom-built toilet and trash should offer some more do-it-yourself inspiration. Inspired by the iconic Sunrader 4×4 from the 1980s — and frankly, looking quite like a modern version of it based on the original Toyota Hilux — TruckHouse CEO and co-founder, Matt Linder, summarizes his new creation succinctly, stating, “The BCT is built for those who desire a similar footprint of a van, the living space of a Class C RV, the capability of a purpose-built 4×4, and the fit, finish, and dependability of a high-end yacht.” First, a Tacoma TRD Pro chassis […]