Photo: Andrey_Popov (Shutterstock) is a solid service that can magically turn your conversations into transcriptions—ones that typically require little editing after the fact. Especially if your call quality was decent and your subject doesn’t mumble, like I do. Now, if you install a simple Chrome extension , you’ll be able to use to automatically transcribe your Google Meet calls in real time. It’s incredibly useful if your job relies on Google Meet to connect with colleagues. The extension works for both free and paid users. You’ll only be able to transcribe 600 minutes each month with a maximum of 40 minutes per recording. If your meeting is going to be a long one, you might want to not use the extension and instead record it yourself as two separate files, then transcribe those individually and combine. Also, know that the extension won’t automatically start recording any Google Meet video chats you’re in—great for privacy, but a thing to keep in mind if you were hoping to have transcriptions of every meeting you ever take. You’ll first need to click on the extension’s icon and make sure you’ve logged into your account. Once you do, you’ll see this tiny window: Click on the “Record” button to get started, which will transform the window into a live transcription of what hears. Additionally, you’ll even be able to enable a closed captioning mode that sits as an overlay at the bottom of your Google Meet window. (However, […]