Morning, So I am looking for any guides, or guidance on the realistic towing capacity of my car. The internet tells me its 3500lbs.

I am open to ideas but so far I like the Coachmen Apex 15T, its very light for dry weight which makes me feel better about loading some stuff up. We are a young family of four, kids are only 3 and under 12 months so the bunks will come in handy. My cargo capacity for the car is 906 pounds, which to me seems a little light, but would fit my family with about half that weight to spare.

Am I on the right track? I am looking at Dry Weight, Gross Weight, and the Cargo Weight for the Car?

Where I am getting lost is the tongue weight. Most of the hitches I am coming across have either a 350, or 400 LB capacity if I use a weight distribution hitch. The Coachmen Toungue weight is 396 LBs.

How would Ensure I am within that range?

Am I missing anything?

Thank you,