A food processor was one of the kitchen appliances that I just couldn’t bring myself to buy for years. It just seemed like such a waste! You could just use a grater right? Wrong. Getting the best food processor opened a world of new opportunities. Now I can easily make sauces, grate potatoes, conjure up dips, and even chop vegetables. Don’t take my word for it! The experts in this article all rely on their food processors to make magic in their kitchens. “I own and use the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Bowl Scraper . This is my favorite because it was powerful enough to process anything I put inside! It also saves me a lot of time on pureeing and chopping. Unlike most processors, you don’t need to start and stop it to stir. It has a built-in scraper that lets you keep it running, reaching my desired texture faster. The blades and slicers also make it suitable for a large range of foods! From herbs to nuts, garlic, and even black pepper. This processor is also easy to clean – a bonus that everyone is sure to love!” – Mike Allen , The Healthy Treehouse “ This unit is top-notch. It does its job beautifully without damaging the food in the process. While it has an expensive, sleek design, its effectivity is really recommendable. I had a perfectly shredded cheese, smoothly sliced fruits, and well-chopped vegetables using Cuisinart, and everything is done […]