The pandemic has been tough on children everywhere, and we think they might deserve a special holiday treat this year, of all years. No matter what your gift budget looks like, it could be helpful to know what young people think are the top toys for kids this year. So what’s hot in 2020? Surprise toys are still big, and this year they even unbox themselves, like Present Pets and The Animal Truck. The cute Baby Yoda is wildly popular, and the latest L.O.L. Doll hangout is topping lists. The Nintendo Switch is still the big gift that everyone wants (and can actually get, unlike the Xbox Series X and PS5 ). Read on to discover all the top toys for kids to bring cheer this year — including plenty of gift guide choices available for $25 or less. The year’s hottest toy is probably a Baby Yoda plush, inspired by the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian. The Child looks up at you with his big eyes, his cuddly body ready for snuggles. You can just see him poking out from the top of a stocking on Christmas morning. This year’s hot L.O.L. doll hangout is more affordable than previous years — remember the $250 Winter Disco Chalet? Parents will appreciate that because little girls are definitely putting this popular toy on their holiday wish list. The clubhouse for the L.O.L. dolls comes with over 40 surprises to unbox, including two exclusive dolls. When the clubhouse’s “shipping containers” are […]