The world is your oyster, so why would you want to restrict yourself and live and work in one place when you can travel, see beautiful places, learn about new cultures and experience new things. Traveling around doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t have to settle for sharing a room with someone or even sofa surfing. You could buy an RV and go to where your heart desires without having to spend lots of your time, energy, and money on continually sourcing accommodation. Choosing to hit the road in an RV is a lifestyle choice that you won’t regret. You get to decide where you go and when. If you like somewhere, you can stay longer; if you don’t, you can move on. Waking up somewhere new on your doorstep and constantly changing scenery is something which you will never get over. Seeing the sunset one day over the beach, and then the next potentially over the mountains is an experience that really only RV users can experience. Is An Rv The Way To Go So, now the open road has found you, what do you want to do next. Well, to start with, you need to source a suitable RV. When it comes to finding the right RV for you, you need to consider lots of things. Start by working out how big your RV needs to be, say the pros at Call of the Open Road who understand RVs and what they mean to families. […]