Spring is right around the corner and your camper is calling ! The beginning of camping season is the perfect time to assess the condition of each distinct part of your motorhome or trailer. So break your RV out of storage and follow this guide to make sure it survived winter and is ready for the road. Basic Inspection & Safety Checks The very first step should be to make sure the carbon monoxide detector , smoke alarm , LP detector, and fire extinguishers are all in working order. Electric Power Visually inspect all battery connections first. If the terminals are corroded, be sure the shore power is disconnected and you are wearing safety goggles and latex gloves when cleaning them off. Next, charge the batteries and check the battery fluid levels, adding distilled water as needed. If you have a generator, check the air filter for nests and to make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. Prime your generator until your indicator light turns on for the fuel pump. Run the pump for about 20 seconds to deliver fuel to the carburetor. Once you have your generator started and it’s been running a while, check the oil level. Finally, test all appliances on the electric setting. Getty Images Propane First, make sure all your propane appliances are turned off. Then closely inspect the water heater, removing any debris from the burner tube. Also, look for any insect nests in the intake/exhaust tubes. Visually inspect your propane system […]