Towing a trailer can be one of the most stressful things about camping with a travel trailer. This is especially true for people who don’t tow that much. If you’re one of these people, keep the following tips in mind. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WORKS AND IS CONNECTED CORRECTLY This goes for the hitch, chains, lights, trailer brakes and anything else on your rigs, like a backup camera or proximity sensors. GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF BRAKING ROOM Your tow vehicle will accelerate slower and take longer to slow down. Be ready for this. While you’ll need to keep up with traffic and stick to posted speed limits, you should take things slower and give yourself room when towing. Remember, most travel trailer tires are rated for 60-65 mph, so keep that in mind when on the highway. Monument Valley will always worth a stop. Photo Credit: Unsplash, Fabien Bazanegue TAKE TURNS WIDE & GO SLOW When turning, you need to remember the length of your rig. The longer your travel trailer the wider you’ll need to take turns. The RV will follow the path of the tow vehicle, but taking wider turns helps ensure you won’t clip things on the inside of the turn. AVOID BACKING UP UNDER PRESSURE You want to give yourself plenty of time to back your travel trailer up properly. Try to avoid any situations that can put you under pressure. Let other vehicles move past you or around you if there’s someone waiting on you. […]